Septic Tanks

Septic TankGlover’s Septic Services, a locally owned business, is committed to providing you with affordable septic pumping service and outstanding customer service. Glover’s Septic pumps and cleans your septic tank properly to ensure a longer life for your septic system. Glover’s Septic will locate and excavate to get to the septic system if needed.

Customers are happy with the fact that their septic tank are emptied entirely and that the waste is disposed of at the proper facility.

Your septic system, when compared to urban and suburban living areas, functions as a mini sewer system, and as a mini waste treatment plant. All household waste is disposed to the septic system.

When to Pump Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank must be pumped regularly. For our customers this happens automatically and at different intervals. How often your septic tank must be pumped is determined by:The physical size of your tank ( its volume ), the number of people it supports, the frequency of showers, laundry, flushing, etc., how much inorganic material is introduced, the design and condition of your leaching field and the type of soil in the area of your leaching field.

The termination point of your septic system is the environment. What you put into your septic system and how you choose to maintain it are important.

Your septic system is buried in the ground and consists of some piping, a watertight tank and a leaching field/drain field.

The leaching field /drain field consists of a network of perforated pipes laid just under the surface of the ground in a pattern on a bed of gravel. In a healthy system, clear water exits the septic tank and enters the perforated pipe network of the leaching field/drain field. It drains into the gravel, is absorbed by the surrounding soil and evaporates up into the air above the field. If anything other than clear water exits your septic tank into the leaching field/drain field  piping, both the leaching field and the septic tank are not designed to accept cigarette butts, table scraps, kitchen grease, garbage disposal refuse, tampon tubes, condoms, harmful household products or harsh laundry detergents.


Allow Glover’s Septic Service to provide Residential Septic Pumping or Commercial Septic Pumping Services for you home or establishment and learn first hand “why” Glover’s Septic is considered a leader in the septic pumping industry.